2022 Update

Hi Pirate Crew

Well it's been a bit hot and a little busy, we are trying to pull a gold reef out of the ground at the moment on our lease. Its cool this week low 30's..... Starts to climb again this saturday 22/01/22.

20lt bucket of fines we are getting 4g.

In between hot days just catching up on small jobs

We have put the camp on solar, we have only run the aircons 1 day and 1 night over the last 9 weeks.

We think we are doing ok, considering the temps

One day it was 47 here, had the aircon on that night, but not during the day, we just kept getting into the cold shower and drowning ourselves, the worst is when the wind stops.

Had a few people pop in for a few days here and there, everybody has coped.

To those that do not know, we have a pet magpie rescued from a fallen tree, Greg and Terry thought it was a boy, but its a girl, they named it Eddie. But i have changed her name to Edwina.

She is a real character, its like having a 2yo in your house..

Decided it likes the inside of my new van and has taken over the sleeping area. If all is quite she is most likely in between the pillows on my bed, and god help you if you try to move her.

She is totally free, to fly and come and go, We are still hand feeding her occasionally scotch fillet steak pieces, but due to the lack of food now in the supermarkets she will have to be satisfied with whatever steak i can

Edwina comes detecting with whom ever will have her, she rides along on the coil of your detector as you swing, As you dig your holes she will jump in, sometimes dig and sometimes just lay in the hole and snuggle up... like its her nest.

Edwina will also sit on your shoulder as you walk along in the bush.

Out of the blue she will disappear and return to camp or go hunting for bugs.

But we love her, cant have a dog here so might as well have a bird.

Rained here yesterday 17/01/22 - we got 20mm at the camp in about 3 hours.

Very, very wet here... pics attached.

Our composting toilet is all up and running, bloody smell at all.

We also now have a 9000L rainwater tank. Double the water storage to what we had previously.

Well for all those that have booked so far new and old, cant wait to either catch up or meet you for the first time.

Hope the gold gods smile upon you for 2022......

Please stay safe from that stupid flu.

Thanks Liz and Greg Miller

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