UPDATE: Hi all you Pirates !!!!!

We are about to enter tour 9 - 4th July at Duketon, it is a 10 day tour. New ground.

Tours 9 and 10 are up in Duketon, so we will be staying up there as there is only a 4 day break between the two tours, Volunteers Cathy and Terry Javens will be looking after our lease camp whilst we are away.

Tours have been good so far, 554.92g so far for tours 1 to 7. (approx $40k +)

We do hope the covid does'nt destroy the upcoming tours.

We are flat out at camp making "ZX gold pro" headphones, to catch up with shop orders.

Hope you are all well and coping with the new restrictions imposed on us (WA).

I do hope all are safe in the other states, We have clients sitting it out in SA.

We will be slowly adding stuff to the website, so keep your eye on it.

2022 dates will be posted soon, we have a holiday booked to NT in May 2022, so we are trying to work around those dates.

Just love the photos some of you add to the pirates facebook page. Tony in the photo below is joining us again on tour 10.

I have had a broken arm so the photos from my end have'nt been happening, but all better now so i will have heaps to add after tour 9 and 10

Stay Safe

Stay Well

May the gold gods smile upon you all


Liz and Greg

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