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1, Do I need a 4wd to go on a tour?

A 4wd is preferred although a high clearance vehicle is ok this includes any trailers or caravans.

2, What accommodation is available on a tour?

There is no onsite accommodation available, you will need to be fully self-sufficient for remote camping, all food, water, fuel, tent swag, caravan, camper trailer.

3, Do I get to keep the gold I find on your tours?

Yes, you get to keep 100% of the gold you find.

4, Can I bring my dog with me?

NO, you cannot bring your dog on any tours, or station land the risk of your dog taking a poison bait is high NO exemptions.

5, Do you help first timers?

Yes, we have 3-day training courses available for first timers, our experienced guides will also give assistance while on any other tours.

6, Do I need a licence to find gold?

Yes, you will need a WA Miners right to prospect for minerals including gold. this is available from the WA mines dept $29.50 for life.

7, Do I need to be a member of any club, group, or organisation to do a tour?

No, you do not need to be member of any group, club, organisation, or association to prospect in WA.

8, Do I need to have public liability insurance to join your tour or prospect in WA?

No, you do not need any public liability insurance as you are fully covered through our business insurance, (terms & conditions apply) you also do not need any insurance to prospect in WA outside our tours.

9, Is there toilets and showers where we camp?

While remote camping there is no toilets or showers available, if you are at our base camp, yes there is a toilet and shower available.

10, Is there any dangerous animals to worry about?

While in remote areas, you may see. dingoes, snakes, wild horses, camels, station cattle, large goannas, spiders. Be aware they are there, and stay clear of them, they are not normally a threat.

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